A photovoltaic system is a significant investment. Even if it’s more affordable now than it was 10 or 15 years ago, it’s essential to select your photovoltaic modules carefully. After all, they’re expected to generate energy for your home or business for many years.

The absolute customer experience

15 Years of consolidated experience

Established in 2008, FuturaSun has over 15 years of experience manufacturing photovoltaic modules. Long before joining us, several of our Team members immersed themselves in the world of photovoltaics. The extensive experience of our Team not only enriches our know-how but also fuels a dynamic exchange of expertise, fostering continuous learning and innovation.

A European company

FuturaSun is an Italian company that thanks to a steady growth year on year has become an international group including R&D subsidiaries, offices in Europe and China, and projects worldwide – spanning both on-grid and off-grid solutions. Moreover, FuturaSun is the only Italian module manufacturer with exclusive property of its own factory in China.

International Team, Consultancy and Training

Team FuturaSun is composed by photovoltaic experts from various nations, dedicated to providing support, consultancy training often also in your native language, ensuring precise and tailored communication aligned with your specific requirements.

Vertical integration and strategic expansion

With an extensive ongoing industrial development plan to create a highly efficient PV supply chain, FuturaSun broadens its production capabilities by entering the field of solar cell manufacturing while also increasing the production capacity of modules.


FuturaSun is committed to all-round sustainability: environment, labour practices, human rights and ethics are at the core of our operations and business practices: from supply chain transparency to carbon neutrality with the first Carbon Neutral PV module. Therefore, our solar modules are a truly sustainable choice.

Wide range of technologies

From the residential segment to utility scale, FuturaSun offers for each application the best solutions of highefficiency photovoltaic modules. The product assortment includes also coloured modules for specific architectural needs and inverters and battery storage for a full range experience.

Long-term warranties

Vicinity is the key word that ensures customer satisfaction in case of a warranty issue. FuturaSun offers a rapid and decisive support to fulfil with its warranty conditions without adding unnecessary complexity for the customer during the resolution phase. A 15-year product warranty and a 25-year performance warranty are given as standard with further extensions according to the specific product series.

Technical benefits for a better yield

The installation of a photovoltaic system is to be considered as a long-term investment and a high productivity is key to reduce the time of return of the investment. FuturaSun modules, more than being designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, have, according to the specific product series, several technical benefits that support a higher yield in terms of kWh per kWp installed. Among these benefits we can find low temperature coefficients, enhanced low-light performance, improved performance under shaded conditions and bifaciality.


Continuous research and development pursued by the International Team ranging from production equipment to processes, materials and next generation tandem concepts permit FuturaSun to live up with its motto “Anticipate tomorrow” in the pursuit of high efficiency and long-lasting performance.


FuturaSun offers tailored logistics services to fulfil the needs of the customer and local European warehouses make it possible to guarantee quick and effective deliveries across Europe. Moreover, a high flexibility is granted making it possible to combine different products and volumes in one and the same consignment including also the possibility to split pallets into customized volumes.

Repowering and Revamping

In recent years, photovoltaic cells have rapidly changed in terms of technology, formats and sizes and this technological escalation has brought a numerous of panel dimensions to the market that, sooner or later, one day will need to be replaced. These interventions are known as revamping or repowering, which return and existing installation to its initial, or sometimes also increased, performance. FuturaSun includes in its product assortment also modules of previous technologies and modules that are customized to meet the electrical and mechanical specifications of the same in to serve as spare parts.

Top Brand PV module award

FuturaSun has been awarded by EUPD Researc, the renowned Market research company based in Bonn, such as Top Brand PV Austria 2023 in the module category.