How do you identify a quality photovoltaic panel?

A photovoltaic module must last at least 25 years. That’s why, we select only raw materials of highest quality and of traceable origin and we process them in a highly automated way.
Our clients’ satisfaction is the best confirmation of the quality of our products. Moreover, we have achieved numerous other independent certifications.

We at FuturaSun work every day to provide our clients with high-performance and long-lasting products.


It all begins here…

Our team boasts over 15 years of experience in photovoltaic module production. The quality of our products is guaranteed by the decision to use only the best raw materials of traceable origin, rigorous quality tests (including electroluminescence on each module), certification according to the most rigorous international standards, as well as the continuous supervision of the production process by Quality Assurance Employees. 

We perform the  Electroluminescence Test on each module

The electroluminescence (EL) Test is like an “X-ray” of a PV module.

FuturaSun makes EL Tests before and after the lamination process, to confirm both the production process as well as the quality of the solar cell.


Triple ISO Certification

In January 2020 FuturaSun has obtained for the new production plant in Taizhou the triple ISO certification:
– ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System
– ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System
– ISO 45001:2018 Established Occupational Health and Safety Management System.
Our factory is
one of the first photovoltaic production plants in the world to successfully pass the ISO 45001 approval, that substitutes the widely known OHSAS 18001.

Suitable for installations up 2000 meters of altitude!

The modules can withstand a snow load of 5400 Pa which corresponds to a weight of 550 kg/m2 or 112,7 lbs/sq ft. Additionally our modules are suitable for installations in alpine areas, up to 2000 meters of altitude! 

summer landscape from Rosetta mount - San Martino di Castrozza, Italy
temperature coefficient

More energy even at high temperature with the coefficient -0,3% / C°

The test reports issued by TÜV Rheinland in Germany, by the KACST laboratory in Saudi Arabia and by DEKRA demonstrates the perfect operation of FuturaSun’s modules at high temperatures. This means that FuturaSun modules generate a higher yield at high temperatures compared to modules from other PV manufacturers.


We select only raw materials of the best quality and of traceable origin and we process them in a highly automated way.

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We voluntarily test our products in compliance with the most rigorous international standards and way beyond. 

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We guarantee our products
up to 25 years. 

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FuturaSun is member of numerous recycling consortiums in Europe. 

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