FU 420 | 425 | 430 M ZEBRA Pro
High efficiency back contact PV panels

ZEBRA Pro is the new range of back-contact PV modules reaching 430 Wp. 132 N-type IBC high-efficiency cells (166 mm – M6) are assembled with an innovative layout of cells with a reduced gap.

This high-efficiency PV module stands out for its IBC (Interdigitated Back Contact) technology with electrical contacts on the back. The contacts on the PV module’s back and the absence of ribbon keep the cell free, preventing shades for maximum light absorption.

ZEBRA Pro is particularly suitable for residential and commercial systems. This characteristic makes it perfect for buildings of high architectural value.

Moreover, its excellent technical features make this product superior in performance and yield over the years. ZEBRA Pro is the ideal module for large ground-mounted and rooftop PV systems, as it maximises yield.

The advantages of ZEBRA Pro,
the new back contact PV panel

    • 25-year product and performance warranty
    • 25-year yield guarantee and a maximum degrade rate of 0.25%/year
    • 132 half-cut cells N-Type IBC – Interdigitated Back Contact
    • Innovative Zebra technology developed in Europe
    • Superior module efficiency up to 21,84 %
    • Excellent temperature coefficient -0,29%/°C
    • Market leading power stability over time (93% at the 25th year)
    • Low Hot-Spot risk thanks to the distributed junction of the ZEBRA cell
    • 2 independent section design secures a higher energy yield in case of shading
      and minimize the need of optimizers
    • Resistant to LID (Light Induced Degradation) and LeTID
      (Light and elevated Temperature Induced Degradation)
    • Half cut design reduces internal resistance increasing power output
    • Thanks to IBC technology no shading on the cell
    • Improved low light performance
    • Better yield with various tilts
    • No shading on the cell thanks to IBC technology
    • PV module with reduced carbon footprint
    • NEW: Product Liability insurance
1895 x 1039 x 35 mm
21 kg
Temperature coefficient Pmax
-0,290 %/°C
42 ± 2 °C
Junction box
Certified according to IEC 62790, IP 68 approved

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Product warranty: 25 years

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