Insurance included

There is probably no product in your home that is more warranted than the photovoltaic module: 25 years of guaranteed performance.

We offer you additional protection: all FuturaSun modules are covered by product liability insurance.

We have entered into this agreement with the historic insurance company Lloyds’ and it is valid worldwide*.

The product liability insurance covers damage that may be caused to third parties due to a fault triggered by a problem with the PV module e.g. a fi re.

The insurance also covers damages due to partial or total interruption or suspension of industrial and commercial business if consequential to a claim which can be referred to this policy.

For example, if the company where the PV system is installed has activities interrupted for 2 weeks due to a fire as mentioned above, the damage is covered depending on the insurance ceiling**.

* Except for USA and Canada

** Contact FuturaSun for information regarding the insurance limits.


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