FuturaSun provides a serie of back contact monocrystalline PV modules with 120 IBC half-cut cells (340-360 Watt).

The electrical contacts of the module are on the back (back contact): no ribbons, nothing that covers the cell, no shade, maximum light absorption.

This new technology is currently reaching 360 Watt with a 21.3% module efficiency in the version with the white back sheet. The elegant total black design, with black back sheet and frame, can reach 340 to 350 Watt. It is particularly suitable for residential applications and buildings with a high architectural value.


We select only raw materials of the best quality and of traceable origin and we process them in a highly automated way.

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We voluntarily test our products in compliance with the most rigorous international standards and way beyond.

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We guarantee our products
up to 25 years.

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FuturaSun is member of numerous recycling consortiums in Europe.

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