We have tested our products in so many laboratories that we’ve lost count. Kiwa, Eurotest, Albarubens, Istituto Giordano, Laboratory LA.P.I. in Italy, Fraunhofer ISE, TÜV Rheinland and the Photovoltaik Institut Berlin in Germany, Kacst in Saudi Arabia, the University of San Paolo/Inmetro in Brazil, TÜV Rheinland, Schatz Energy Research Center, Humboldt State University in California, DEKRA etc…

But all this would amount to little more than useless pieces of paper, were it not for the fact that we check our product quality module by module, cell by cell, glass by glass.

IEC 61215 and IEC 61730 (2016)

Since 2020, FuturaSun modules are also IEC 61215:2016 and 61730:2016 certified by the independent laboratory of DEKRA.

PID FREE - Class A

FuturaSun’s modules are PID resistant (Potential Induced Degradation). They are made from “PID-free” cells, in combination with high-insulation encapsulants, and use special glass with treatment to prevent electron accumulation. The combined effect creates an effective barrier against the effect of PID.


Ammonia resistant (IEC 62716)

FuturaSun’s PV modules are able to withstand an ammonia atmosphere and are therefore suitable for PV installations on farms, cowsheds and greenhouses. The junction box and the back sheet used by FuturaSun are particularly resistant to this specific gas; that in the worst cases can cause a module breakage.

cert. sand resistance

Sand storm resistant (IEC 60068-2-68)

Futurasun confirms the versatility of their PV modules by also demonstrating their strong durability in simulated sand storm conditions, after which no glass abrasion was shown. Withstanding this extremely stressful condition of high velocity sand make the module suitable for PV plants in desert areas.

salt mist

Salt mist corrosion resistant (IEC 61701)

FuturaSun modules can be installed in any coastal areas thanks to a design able to withstand a salt-laden atmosphere. Both the metallic and non-metallic modules components are resistant to high saline concentrations.

certificazione classe 1

Fire resistance - Class 1

FuturaSun’s modules are certified CLASS 1 for fire reaction pursuant to the UNI 9177 standard and has also completed the testing according to UL790 standards, standard test methods for fire tests of roof covering. FuturaSun’s modules can be used on a vast range of covering types, even those with special safety requirements.


We select only raw materials of the best quality and of traceable origin and we process them in a highly automated way.

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We voluntarily test our products in compliance with the most rigorous international standards and way beyond.

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We guarantee our products
up to 25 years.

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FuturaSun is member of numerous recycling consortiums in Europe.

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