The FuturaSun product range also includes monocrystalline bifacial glass-glass photovoltaic modules: SILK® Pro Duetto and SILK® Plus Duetto.

The front and rear sides are made of hardened, transparent 2 mm safety glass, and guarantee optimal mechanical stability as well as exceptional resistance to weather conditions.

Using glass instead of a backing film has a further advantage, namely that the material will not spread flames in the event of a fire. This means that it is automatically included in Fire Resistance Class 1 in accordance with Italian standards.

The glass-glass modules are suitable for buildings with demanding architectural requirements, verandas & carports, photovoltaic fences as well as for areas subject to significant snowfall.

SILK® Pro Duetto 360-370 Wp

  • Dimensions: 1755 x 1038 x 30 mm
  • Weight: 23.3 kg
  • Module Efficiency: up to 20.31%
  • Temperature coefficient Pmax: -0.35 %/°C