Silk® Plus

400 – 550 Wp
PERC pv modules

Silk® Nova

420 – 590 Wp
n-type pv modules

Silk® Duetto

420 – 700 Wp
bifacial n-type pv modules

Silk® Colour

360 – 390 Wp
coloured pv modules


420 – 430 Wp
n-type IBC pv modules


430 – 470 Wp
bifacial HJT pv modules


190 – 455 Wp
mono/polycrystalline pv modules


hybrid inverters

FuturaSun offers modules for residential, commercial, and industrial projects up to solutions for large solar plants. We also take care of special requirements, for example, we offer so-called Repowering panels for those who need to make replacements or colored modules for maximum color integration in the roof.

We have been manufacturing PV solar panels for more than ten years. Quality technical choices in the pursuit of high-efficiency performance have always characterized our products and continue to do so in an increasingly evolved way.

Our production sites are certified by accredited bodies according to the strictest ISO standards in terms of quality, environment, and safety.

We also regularly have our photovoltaic modules certified according to the current IEC 61215 and IEC 61730 standards at DEKRA. The last of a long series of tests that have led us to verify our modules under any condition: from sand storms to salt corrosion, from ammonia vapors to fire resistance. Our main goal is to provide long-lasting top quality photovoltaic modules.

Today, our photovoltaic panels are installed all over the world, in all latitudes, confirming and often exceeding our customers’ expectations.