Electricity is essential in our lives. Where it is not available through the power grid, that’s where OffgridSun steps in. Customized products and solutions, from photovoltaic modules to batteries, to electrify small and large utilities.

We believe solar is the solution

OffgridSun is specialized in the development and production of excellent, reliable and affordable photovoltaic technologies for all regions of the world with limited or no access to national electricity grids. The company is also developing carbon offset projects focused on improving access to clean water, clean cooking and clean energy for vulnerable communities in Africa.

Carbon credits

After many years of working in Africa, OffgridSun has decided to complement its traditional business with the development of carbon reduction projects. OffgridSun’s projects make it possible to avoid emissions while providing a concrete improvement in the quality of life of the people involved.


At OffgridSun we are committed to contributing to the achievement of Goal 7 of the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development: ensure access to reliable, sustainable, modern and affordable energy for all.


  • 20 years of professional experience in the design and installation of off-grid solar systems
  • 10 years of entrepreneurial experience in the industrial production of photovoltaic components
  • 30 years of direct experience in international development cooperation