Small-size photovoltaic modules for motorhomes, boats, or small isolated systems, such as mountain huts, with low power and voltage suitable for a 12 V battery charger, are now extremely popular around the world.

As well as the production of photovoltaic modules connected to the grid, FuturaSun has also specialized in off-grid production and solar lighting.

OffgridSun is the culmination of years of FuturaSun’s experience in the off-grid sector,
a subsidiary 
company, founded in 2016, entirely dedicated to all these products and applications.



The product range of OffgridSun includes:

  • Energy Station Basis & Energy Station Plus entry-level solar home systems
  • Mobile Solar kit for lighting, radio and charging
  • Solar kits for navigations and camping
  • Solar Led Street Lights for market places, roads and house security
  • Complete Solar Pumping Kits for boreholes
  • Solar Modules in different sizes (from 10 to 160 Watts) for off-grid application
Energy Station
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