• Vicenza_IT_residential_13kW

    13 kWp

    Province of Vicenza: rooftop of a residential building with FU 230 P modules.

  • Padua_IT_roof_40kW

    40 kWp

    Industrial roof with modules FU 235 P in Padua, Italy.

  • Verona_IT_BIPV_59kW

    59 kWp

    BIPV-Comb system residential roof in Verona, Italy. Modules: FU 250 EU

  • Crotone_IT_cowshed_10kW

    10 kWp

    Cowshed roof with modules FU 250 P in Crotone, Southern Italy.

  • Vicenza, Italy. 75 kWp system on the roof of a stand. Client: AIM.

    75 kWp

    Vicenza, Italy. Stand roof with modules: FU 240 P.