• Sardinia_IT_roof_100kW

    100 kWp

    Rooftop of a farm building in Sardinia with FU 285 P modules.

  • Mantova_IT_roof_500kW

    500 kWp

    Rooftop of a farm building in the province of Mantova. Asbestos removal and FU 260 P modules installation.

  • Padua_IT_roof_220kW

    220 kWp

    Industrial roof with FU 230 P modules not far from Padua, Italy.

  • Vicenza_IT_roof_250kW

    250 kWp

    Industrial roof with monocrystalline modules FU 150 M in the Vicenza area, Italy.

  • Venice_IT_roof_160kW1

    160 kW

    Industrial roof with modules FU 230 P. Venice, Italy.

  • Padua_IT_roof_130kW

    130 kWp

    An example of grid parity project in the North East of Italy (Padua). Industrial roof with modules FU 250 P.  

  • Cuneo_IT_roof_320 kW

    320 kWp

    Cuneo, Italy. Cowshed roof with modules: FU 235 P.